Review: Origins Skincare 3 Piece Set

Hello Loves. Recently I was sent this 3 piece skincare set for free to review thanks to Origins and Influenster. First off, I am in love with Origins and I have been using their skincare for years. I love the way everything smells and I love their ingredients and the way their products just wake up my skin and make everything look brighter. origins.png

There is the GinZing Face Wash that has a mild exfoliate inside which is perfect for sensitive skin. It does not irritate the skin and the smell is just very light and not overpowering which I like.

I also got the Brightening Eye Cream which is the most moisturizing, brightening eye cream I have ever tried. It instantly erases my dark circles and makes my eyes look brighter which I need with 2 kids. I never get sleep anymore. It is very rich and moisturizing which is great.

Last is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer. I love the way this feels on my skin. It feels very cooling and refreshing which is great in our 107 degree weather we have in Alabama. It is very lightweight, light smell and does not clog my pores or break me out which is a plus.

I would highly recommend the GinZing Line from Origins as their products have yet to disappoint me.



Review: Bamboo Cutting Board and Utensils


Hello Lovelies!

Today I am reviewing the Calsier Organic Bamboo Cutting Board and Utensils.

I love using bamboo utensils when I cook in the kitchen. I have pots that do not like metal cooking utensils and the bamboo just works so well in them. This set comes with a cutting board which I love. The quality is really nice in this set and I have had no chipping or shredding that I do with the off brand bamboo sometimes. They hold up to several washings and hot temperatures. The cutting board is large so it gives you plenty of cutting room and allows me to chop all my veggies and sit them aside on the board where I can just pour them into the pan. It is super easy to clean and they are super fast drying which I enjoy. Overall I think this is a great product for anyone’s kitchen. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it here.




Jeffree Star Cosmetics Haul <3

Hello Lovelies!

I made my first purchase from Jeffree Star after hearing some mixed reviews, I thought I would give them a go and see for myself.

First off, the packaging is on point. Every product was nicely wrapped and very taken care of.



I only got 3 things to try to see if I will end up liking them or not. I got a Skin Frost in Ice Cold, a lip ammunition in Celebrity Skin and a lip scrub in Spearmint.

I love that all of his products are vegan and cruelty-free. As far as I can tell just from swatching, his products are very pigmented. I will do reviews once I test out the products in depth.



I am VERY pale so I am super excited to see how this highlighter works on my skin. Celebrity skin looks like a great nude. I hope it is not too brown on my skin. I needed a good lip scrub and I love the taste of spearmint. I read where you can eat the product so I will test out the taste as well! Haha.


Reviews to come later!



Colourpop Haul <3

Hello Lovelies!

Recently, I did a bit of online shopping and I am going to do some blog post about what I bought. The first bit of shopping I did was at Colourpop. I love Colourpop. They have amazing products at such an affordable price. Their pigmentation is on point and I have quite a Colourpop Collection going on. Here is what I bought.


Here is an overview of what I purchased.

The first thing that caught my eye was this lippie kit called Persuade Me. I love all the neutral-brown colors and I think these will look great on my pale skin or at least I am hoping. I love their Lippies. They are so pigmented and the swatch is with one swipe down my hand. This was on sale for $20.

I bought their Birthday Bash Bag filled with tons of products for only $35 which I thought was a great deal. These were the Ultra Glossy Lip products that came in the birthday bag. The names are Wishes, Bash and RSVP. This bag was limited edition swag bag and I am so glad I got my hands on it. These are going to work great when I just wanna add some shine to my lips or used as a topped on a lipstick.



I also got a FREE birthday eyeshadow called birthday cake which is a GORGEOUS rose gold color. It is gorgeous. This highlighter also came in the birthday swag bag and it is called Blow Me Out. I had swatches for these but I swear I cannot find the picture anywhere.

Of course, the main reason I wanted to place an order was to try their new pressed eye shadows. You can also buy the magnetic palette to put these in. The eye shadows are $5 dollars each and they are comparable (and better in my opinion) to Mac eyeshadows which cost around $12. The top row are the 4 eye shadows that come in the Birthday Bash Bag. They are beautiful colors. The names of those are Cake Walk, The Big 3, Party Favors and Rager. The next 2 rows of eye shadows are the ones that I picked out individually. If they are good, I am going to want to go back and buy many more but I calmed myself for now. The ones I got in order are Take a Break, Labyrinth, Liar Liar, Let Me Explain, Team Captain, Come and Get it, Sideline and Up and Up. I am excited to try out the duochrome. The magnetic palette cost $7.

I also got a palette called Hi-Maintenance. I loved the colors in this palette and thought I would give them a go. The colors in this palette are called Just in Time, High Strung, Get Out and Cute Alert. This was $18.

I also got the Iluvsarahii palette for the purple colors and I am hoping this works well with my brown eyes. The colors in this palette are called Heavy Glam, Chic Happens, Lit and Razy. This was also $18.

I am excited to try all these products out and report back with many blog post on my thoughts about the items that I bought. I hope you enjoyed this post.





Review: SCRAAAM Coaster GT

Hello Lovelies!

I am here to review the SCRAAAM Coaster GT Bike that I was given free to review for Giveaway Service.

The bike was pretty easy and simple to assemble. As you can see from the pictures it does not come with pedals. This is a coaster bike which, to me, has many benefits. One being that younger kids can learn to ride a bike without pedals or training wheels as you can put your feet down to control the bike. You can also coast down hills which can be really fun for kids. You can race down hills and the faster you push off the faster your bike will go. I love the bold blue color of the bike. It also comes with this little stand to store the bike when not in use. It is very lightweight which makes it perfect for travel and easy for kids to turn around and carry with them. I have a 3 year old and he loves this bike. It has very small handles which makes it super easy for small hands to grip onto. I think this is great for anyone looking for a coaster bike or a very lightweight bike to learn to ride on. Great for boys or girls. If you are interested in purchasing this bike, you can do so here.


I really hope you enjoyed this post!




Review: Grass Fed Collagen Protein Powder

Hello Lovelies! Today I am reviewing a protein powder that I was sent to try out for free through Tomoson.


This protein powder does not have any flavorings which is nice when you don’t want anything to change your smoothie recipes. I like that it is a grass fed collagen protein powder. Since I am breastfeeding, it is important that I get a lot of protein and this makes it super easy to get in my protein without having to consume a lot of meat. I look up a lot of smoothie recioes and just add a scoop of this into each one that I make. If you would like to get yours, you can do so here

Until next time,


Review: Silver Men’s Analog Quartz Watch

Hello Lovelies! I was sent this Silver Men’s Analog Quartz Watch to review at a discounted price. My husband has been in the market for a new watch and this one looks amazing. It is stainless steel, waterproof, and that is just some of the features.

watchIt is a very lovely watch. This would go great for nights out and I think it is great for an every day watch as well. It snaps like regular men’s watches and my only concern with these types of watches is if it will catch the hair on your arm. Most of these watches are bad about that.

If you are interested in checking out this watch you can do so here.