Review: Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

Hello Lovelies!

I recently had tonsillectomy surgery and the recover has been rough to say the least. I meant to get this post up way before now but then that happened and here I am. I am here today to give my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette.

First off, let us start off with packaging. The packaging is nothing to be excited about. It is cardboard, simple silver writing on the front and I would not say this is a travel friendly palette because of the packaging. I feel as though the shadows would get damaged in travel unless you bubble wrapped the sucker tight.

There is a little note to her subscribers inside which I thought was a sweet touch and then there is a plastic overlay which is nice to protect the shadows. I still use this because I think it is handy to have. The only thing I do not like is there is a card inside with the shadow names instead of it being written under the shadow. That is kind of a pain and just something extra to have to keep up with in my opinion. You could have put the names under the shadows or put this piece of paper on the back part of the cardboard which would have been so much more proficient. As you can see, there are a beautiful range of colors and textures which we are about to get into. Get ready for the swatches.

I swatched each shade once dry and once wet to show the difference. The picture on the left will be the dry side and the picture on the right will be the wet side.

The colors from left to right:

Enlight: An out-of-this-world, universal shade for brow bone and inner shadow magic.

Beam: Amp things up with this frosted version of Enlight, it’s great for deeper skin tones.

Silk Crème: Your transitional, creamy-matte crease color with yellow undertones.

M.F.E.O: Peach, matte and cool: made for each other (hence the name)

Faint: Love this princess shade. No matter how fair skin you are, this fiercely frosty shade goes great all over the lid.

Sissy: For the rose-gold queens out there, this super-girly shade was named after my sister.

Little Lady: Confession: I call my sister ‘little lady’ and this is her second fave color. Perfect to rock at the office since it’s not too gold or out there. It’s the perfect shimmery wash of neutral.

When I wet this set of shadows, I did not notice much difference between the dry swatch in some of the colors. The mattes in this range do not swatch well wet and I would not say that wetting the brush makes much difference in the application or the way the shadows perform. I did not find there was much fallout with these shadows and if you tap your brush before application that will take care of the little bit of fallout that you would find out of these shadows. The shimmer shades are beautiful and the matte shades blend out easily. I find that they are buildable.









Creamsicle: OB-SESSED with this flattering yet daring color. Pop it into the crease to make the color of your eye’s pop.

Butter: Super creamy with a warm, terracotta undertone makes this an amazing shade for your crease color.

Pooter: For those of you not comfortable with super warm colors, this neutral chestnut shade, named after an inside family joke, is for you.

Pukey: Yes, I named a color Pukey. My favorite matte color in the whole palette. SO creamy. SO pigmented. The ultimate warm brown.

Hunts: Linda made this daring, boldly blendable shade happen. I love it because…it’s perfect. The creamiest shade in the palette. My fave shade of all-time.

Firework: Dare I say this is the most shimmering shade? It’s great for all over the lid and for creating a warm, smoky eye. Partner it up with any of the matte orange shades.

Queen: The perfect gold. I have nothing else to say.

As you can tell there are not much differences in the swatches wet or dry. I love the colors in this section. There are some great mustard yellow colors, terracotta, and some copper and golden shades. I use these matte shades in the crease and they blend out wonderfully. The consistency feels like butter almost when you are swirling the brush in the shadows and I just love how easy it is to work with these shadows.

Obsessed: I was looking to create a shade for the perfect smoky eye. This took forever to get right, but it’s perfect and I’m totally, you guessed it, Obsessed.

S.B.N.: One of my most-used, all-over-lid colors is this deep, pinky-bronze shade. It creates the perfect, smoky but natural look. S.B.N…N.B.D.

Hillster: God, I love this color all over the lid or on lower lash line. I wanted a good range in this palette, and this is the deepest warm shimmer we have to offer.

Roxanne: I named this after myself (my middle name is Roxanne). That may be narcissistic, but I don’t care. My subscribers know this is my favorite color in the world. I honestly use it every day on lower lash line or outer crease.

Jacz: An actual burgundy with great color payoff. These high-pigmented mattes go through lots of rounds to make them this super creamy.

Buns: This is Linda’s favorite crease color, but it took some time for it to grow on me. We removed it from the palette at least 5 times. I hated it at first, but now…obsessed. It’s a great everyday neutral shade for all skin tones.

Cranapple: A true cranberry shade perfect for all over the lid.

As you can tell from the swatches, these you can tell the difference between dry and wet. These did swatch better wet especially the cranberry color. I think this is a great holiday color and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this during the holiday season. There are some great crease colors in this line of the palette and like the other shades, super easy to blend.

Royalty: I love it so much. The purplest of purples. A badass purple. No undertones. Just shimmery purple (I had to create one) that’s great to layer.

Twerk: The reason this color is in the palette? I hate blue. I wanted to be able to wear an awesome shade of blue and this is it. Bold, fun and totally wearable with major wow factor.

Hustle: For those of you not into warm shades, this is 100% cool with gunmetal, purple undertones.

Meeks: The best bronze out there (and named after one of my best friends, because that girl loves her bronze). Not too metallic, and all ages can rock it whether you’re 14 or 40.

24/7: Completely different formula than the rest of the palette: pressed glitter, baby. Apply with finger, or a very wet brush, for a sophisticated, fresh-from-the-runway look.

Chip: I use this shade all the time to smoke out outer corner and lower lash line. Creamy, smooth and highly pigmented. Win, win, win.

Mocha: SO chocolatey and super warm, perfect for deepening any eye look.

As you can see from the swatches Twerk and Mocha did not work well dry. They are very light and not very pigmented but when you wet these shades their full potential comes out. This is where the fun colors start to come out to play in the palette with the blues and purples. There are some great warm chocolate shades that work well in the crease in this line of colors as well.

Pool Party: My favorite pop of color ever! Beautiful turquoise with flecks of glitter may seem over the top, but it’s not. It’s super wearable (just like a swimsuit).

Jada: Named after my niece since this is her fave color in the whole world. Very similar to Pool Party, but with a matte spin.

Diva: Bye-bye Christmassy green shades. I so wanted green in this palette, but a neutral one to wear all over lids and layer with warm reds…and not make you think of Santa.

Enchanted: This deep, matte green is Diva’s (and all the other green shades) partner in crime.

Central Park: I wanted every woman and man to have the option of a cool, matte brown.

Soda Pop: We were so excited to get this color perfect. So deep and so dark. You almost think it’s black, but it’s purple. And one of the most complementary shades for any eye color.

Abyss: Matte and black as hell. One of the blackest blacks I’ve seen. So hard to make black rock, but we did it.

This line of shades gave me the most trouble. As you can see, Enchanted did not swatch well dry but did amazing wet and I just could not get Abyss to work for me well wet or dry but especially not wet. This is a bummer because this would have been a great shade to use as a liner with a bit of water but in my opinion it just is patchy and nothing comparable to say Carbon from Mac. Pity. The turquoise color works amazing wet or dry and I am in love with Enchanted, the forest green color.


My overall thoughts on this palette are positive. The palette retails for $38 bucks for 35 shadows which I think is a fantastic deal. I could have done with a mirror in the palette but I know that would have made it more expensive. Another reason why I think it would not do as a travel palette. Most of the colors are opaque, blendable, and work well. There are a few hits and misses but that is to be expected in a palette with so many shades. I think this is a beautiful palette, beautiful colors and a great range of eye looks. Above is a picture of me using the palette and I think the look turned out very pretty. If you are looking to purchase this palette, which is now back for good on the Morphe website, you can do so here.



Review: Pur Soiree Diaries Palette

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I am reviewing the Pur Soiree Diaries Palette. This is a neutral makeup palette that has 8 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades. First off, can we just take a minute to appreciate the marble packaging. I am a sucker for anything copper, rose gold and marble. This packaging has marble and copper. Love. It really is beautiful. I would have bought this palette just for the packaging. It is beautiful. It does feel kinda flimsy but it does have a pretty large mirror inside which is great. This palette is $34 on Pur Cosmetics website. I think for everything you get (including the gorgeous packaging) that is a great deal.



Inside the palette, there are 2 rows of matte shadows and one row of shimmer. These are all neutral/metal shades. I went on holiday to the beach and this was the only palette that I carried with me. I got several different looks from this palette and it is a great travel palette. The shades from left to right: Private Party, Socialite, Gala, Mogul, Splurge, Stunner, Snazzy, Epic, Glitzy, Twinkle, Dazzle, Cosmo. As you can see from the picture below, the shadows are greatly used.


The formula of the shadows are smooth and creamy mattes. The only fall out that I get is when I use the shimmer shades but you can just swipe it away. I found it easier to use a tapping motion with the shimmer shades to get them to stick to the lid with minimal fallout. The mattes are creamy and easy to build up. You have great shades to use under the brow bone and the dark shades are super pigmented. I found them easy to blend. I did use the shimmer shadows wet and that did help out with the fallout and the pigmentation was outstanding with them wet.


I think this palette is great for any skin tone and it really works well for the pale people like myself. Overall, I think this is a great palette for the money and would recommend this to anyone.

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Review: Lipsense by Sengence

Hello Lovelies!

Today, I am reviewing the Lipsense that I was sent for free to try out from Red Gate Beauty.  I have heard about Lipsense but I have never tried it out. When I was offered this opportunity I thought I would document my day while wearing it so we can see if the claims are really true. Lipsense is lead free, wax free, gluten free, vegan, kosher, and not tested on animals.

I was sent the Lipsense in Blue Red and a Glossy Gloss. I am super pale so I thought the blue red would compliment my skin tone.


The Claims:

Lipsense is a long lasting liquid lip color that is guarenteed to last 4-18 hours! It is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, and non drying.

About Lipsense:

You can mix the Lipsense colors to make new colors as well which I could not test out but this was written on the sheet that was sent with my Lipsense.

You can remove the Lipsense with the “oops” remover, an oil based remover, Neutrogena bar soap or castille soap.

Lipsense works to take off dead wax build up on your lips. You can wear the gloss at night to speed up this process but your lips should be feeling different by the end of the week.

My Experience:


I put on my Lipsense at 9 a.m. that morning. I had no problems putting it on. I put on 3 layers, let it dry in between each layer like it said to do, and then put the glossy gloss on top. This is the result. I think the color suits me a lot and it looks beautiful. The lip color alone is drying but then you put the glossy gloss on top and it moisturizes it. With the glossy gloss on top, you would think it would transfer but I kissed my husband, kissed my kids and nothing transferred at all. This was very weird as I am not used to no transfer.

20170911_095235I took this picture after eating Pho, drinking Thai Tea and this was at 2 p.m. Nothing has budged,nothing has rubbed off, and it still looks as fresh and glossy as it did when I put it on that morning. I was amazed to say the least.


This was at 5 p.m. after eating a snack, still running errands, and the Lipsense is still going strong. It was hot and humid this day, my son had to go to the doctor so I was loving on him and nothing has moved.


This last check in was at 9 p.m. when I was just over the day, exhausted and ready to get a shower. As you can see, my lips do not look as glossy and the water line has rubbed off but I read that you can touch that up if you need to refresh at night which for 12 hours of wear, I was pretty impressed.


-Long Lasting

-Kiss proof

-Smudge proof


-Not sticky


-The price. The price of just a Lipsense lipstick and Glossy Gloss is $55 dollars. To me, that is a little steep for lip products. On the other hand, you can mix colors to get many other colors and it is very long lasting so I think they would last a while so it may be worth the money.

-The taste. I am a natural lip licker and I kept getting this god awful taste everytime I licked my lips. It was very unpleasant.

I think everyone should try out Lipsense to see if it is for them. I loved the outcome of my experience and I would give it a shot. Red Gate Beauty has offered a discount code to all of my readers. You can use bloggymoms15 at checkout for 15% off.

I hope you enjoyed this review and my experience with Lipsense!

Smiley360 Review

Hello Lovelies!


I have been a part of Smiley360 for a good while now. At least 2 years. This is a place where you can get free items in exchange for reviews and posting about it on your social media. I have received quite a lot of interesting products and then posted my honest thoughts about them on social media.

Brands want you to give your honest opinion about their products so they know whether consumers actually enjoy them or not so you do not have to fake your reviews. You have to earn so many points to get badges and this is pretty easy. You can also earn points that you can use on mypoints for rewards and such. You have over a month to complete this which gives you time to test out the products and form an opinion on what you think.

I enjoy the time frame the most. I feel like I can give my honest thoughts on the products and I do not feel rushed. You can opt out if you are chosen and it will not affect your status on the site which is nice.

If you are interested in checking out this amazing site, you can do so here




Review: Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons


Hello Lovlies!

Today, I am reviewing the Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons. First off, I have to say these are the creamiest eyeliners that I have ever tried and such beautiful colors.

I was sent the Pink of Me which is a beautiful blush pink shade which is beautiful in the waterline. It is gorgeous! It really brightens up the eyes and they are very long wearing which is really nice for those long days.

The other color is (earth)quake which is a very deep creamy chocolate brown that is gorgeous smoked out on the lower lash line. This really brings out the brown in my eyes and just brightens them up. I love these eyeliners.

These liners are sold at Sephora for $25 dollars. Another great thing about these liners is they are a no sharpen eyeliner which is a big thing for me. I hate having to sharpen eyeliners. These just twist up and they are super creamy and easy to blend. I am in love. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post.



Review: Origins Skincare 3 Piece Set

Hello Loves. Recently I was sent this 3 piece skincare set for free to review thanks to Origins and Influenster. First off, I am in love with Origins and I have been using their skincare for years. I love the way everything smells and I love their ingredients and the way their products just wake up my skin and make everything look brighter. origins.png

There is the GinZing Face Wash that has a mild exfoliate inside which is perfect for sensitive skin. It does not irritate the skin and the smell is just very light and not overpowering which I like.

I also got the Brightening Eye Cream which is the most moisturizing, brightening eye cream I have ever tried. It instantly erases my dark circles and makes my eyes look brighter which I need with 2 kids. I never get sleep anymore. It is very rich and moisturizing which is great.

Last is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer. I love the way this feels on my skin. It feels very cooling and refreshing which is great in our 107 degree weather we have in Alabama. It is very lightweight, light smell and does not clog my pores or break me out which is a plus.

I would highly recommend the GinZing Line from Origins as their products have yet to disappoint me.



Review: Bamboo Cutting Board and Utensils


Hello Lovelies!

Today I am reviewing the Calsier Organic Bamboo Cutting Board and Utensils.

I love using bamboo utensils when I cook in the kitchen. I have pots that do not like metal cooking utensils and the bamboo just works so well in them. This set comes with a cutting board which I love. The quality is really nice in this set and I have had no chipping or shredding that I do with the off brand bamboo sometimes. They hold up to several washings and hot temperatures. The cutting board is large so it gives you plenty of cutting room and allows me to chop all my veggies and sit them aside on the board where I can just pour them into the pan. It is super easy to clean and they are super fast drying which I enjoy. Overall I think this is a great product for anyone’s kitchen. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it here.