Review: SCRAAAM Coaster GT

Hello Lovelies!

I am here to review the SCRAAAM Coaster GT Bike that I was given free to review for Giveaway Service.

The bike was pretty easy and simple to assemble. As you can see from the pictures it does not come with pedals. This is a coaster bike which, to me, has many benefits. One being that younger kids can learn to ride a bike without pedals or training wheels as you can put your feet down to control the bike. You can also coast down hills which can be really fun for kids. You can race down hills and the faster you push off the faster your bike will go. I love the bold blue color of the bike. It also comes with this little stand to store the bike when not in use. It is very lightweight which makes it perfect for travel and easy for kids to turn around and carry with them. I have a 3 year old and he loves this bike. It has very small handles which makes it super easy for small hands to grip onto. I think this is great for anyone looking for a coaster bike or a very lightweight bike to learn to ride on. Great for boys or girls. If you are interested in purchasing this bike, you can do so here.


I really hope you enjoyed this post!





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